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Barbados the island with beautiful coast

The rugged east coast of the island is very picturesque, especially around Bathsheba, as the white Atlantic breakers roll in.

The west coast, facing the Caribbean Sea, is much more placid and less breezy. It is here that the rich and famous flock, especially in winter, attracted by the upmarket hotels, beautiful white sands and easy-going atmosphere.

Christmas holidays in Barbados are especially popular with the international jet-set.

One of my abiding memories of the island is of the local ladies dressed up to the nines in their Sunday best, on the way to Church and school-children, immaculately turned out, in their neatly-pressed school uniforms.

They are not a wealthy people, but education and old-fashioned Christian values are very important to the inhabitants of Barbados.

They take great pride in maintaining the sort of personal high standards, which are more reminiscent of the Fifties in Britain.

Another way of getting a taste of Barbados, without actually staying there, is to visit it on one of the many cruise ships that call in Bridgetown.

In fact, cruising is an excellent and increasingly popular way of seeing several Caribbean islands during the one holiday.

Cruising, which was once only affordable to the rich, is now within the budgets of most holidaymakers.

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