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In Spanish,

the Balearic Islands are called "Islas Baleares".

They are extremely popular with holidaymakers from;

and the remainder of Europe.

The wonderful warm climate is tempered by sea breezes at the height of summer.


Majorca/Mallorca has superb quiet resorts as well as very lively ones

It also has really beautiful scenery, especially in the mountains along its west coast.

The area around Formentor in the north, is breath-takingly beautiful. The beaches here, are amongst the finest in the world.

The island of Menorca ,or Minorca, is to the east of Mallorca and is , of course, smaller, as the name suggests. Its capital city, Mahon, is the home of "salsa mahonesa" or mayonnaise sauce, loved by diners all over the world! Menorca also has traditional villages, wonderful beaches, a rugged coast and some of the best pre-historic archaeological remains in Europe.

The Balearic island closest to the mainland is Ibiza or Iviza , which is another island of great contrasts. The extremely lively resort of San Antonio is loved by fun-loving, party-going youngsters from all over Europe.

Yet, there are many beautifully quiet resorts for more mature people and families to be found onthe island of Ibiza /Iviza.

Ibiza Town, with its narrow streets, is a great place to explore and to do the holiday shopping.

Just to the south of Ibiza is the quiet island of Formentera, the smallest of the main islands of the Balearic Group. It is a very popular island amongst hikers. The extremely ancient megalithic burial tomb of Ca na costa, can be found here.

Other islands in the Balearics are no more than tiny islets.

The superb Balears or Balearic Islands are amongst the most popular tourism venues in the Mediterranean, even the world!! Is there any wonder?

What a wonderful part of the world in which to relax and unwind ....... and it's only a two hour flight away from the UK!!!