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Hammamet, with its walled Medina and narrow, winding alleyways, filled with street vendors, is a fascinating place

Hammamet also has a pretty beach covered in brightly coloured fishing boats, bustling shops, and plenty of restaurants offering Tunisian and international cuisine. It even has pizza cafes!

Yasmine Hammamet is a purpose-built resort, that stretches 4 km along a glorious coastline. It has a stylish marina, with moorings for over 700 boats and a promenade running along an excellent sandy beach.

At  the centre is a medina, or old town, with colourful souks, a museum, a theatre, restaurants, cafes, night-clubs and even a theme park called Carthage Land.  This is a lively area at  all times.

Port el Kantaoui is also a purpose-built resort, modelled around the picturesque fishing village of Sidi Bou Said. It has cobblestone streets and a 340-berth marina surrounded by souvenir shops....a great place for those "holiday gifts"!

It also has a long sandy beach with plenty of waterside cafes where you can relax and to watch the world go by.

Sousse is a busy, thriving , bustling town  centred around a commercial port and the old walled city or medina. It has historic sights, city life and stunning sandy beaches, making it one of the most popular resorts in Tunisia. Its central location along the coast also makes it a good base for visiting the whole country.

Encircled by the towering ramparts of the Ribat, an 8th Century fortified monastery, the ancient medina overflows with traditional stalls selling jewellery [or jewelry, if you're American!], ceramics, leather, carpets and other local crafts.

Spices here are excellent value, at only a fraction of UK prices.

The downtown area offers lively bars, restaurants and hotel-based nightlife, whilst the impressive beach stretches as far as Port el Kantaoui.

There is a long line of hotels set in their own grounds, mainly with their own stretches of beach, which they maintain.

Taxis are cheap and plentiful and there are trains to Tunis, Hammamet, Sfax and Monastir.

The latter is just south of Sousse and is a picturesque little town, with its medina, ancient fort, palace and mausoleum of ex-President Habib Bourguiba.

Most hotels are spread along the excellent beaches going north of Monastir, in the area known as Skanes. There are some small shops, cafes and restaurants, clustered around the modern, purpose-built yacht marina of  Cap Monastir, near the town centre.

To sum up, one of the  big advantages of Tunisia is that it combines Mediterranean beach-life with a vibrant culture enriched by some of history's greatest civilisations.

Furthermore, unlike some other Mediterranean destinations, Tunisia offers winter holidays as well as summer, due to its favoured location on the African mainland, to the south of competing countries.

So Tunisia is open all year round! 

Why not give it a try? It's a great place for a winter break!!