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Florida is theme park heaven

There are four Disney Theme Parks in the Resort in total. "Epcot" allows the visitor to experience the culture and traditions of several countries, from all around the world, in the one location. Don't forget to visit the little Wales centre!

Epcot also features Future World, where you can try out the technology of tomorrow. Fascinating!!

Another of the theme parks is "Disney-MGM Studios" which provides an incredible exploration of the movie world. The rides are fantastic!

Last, but not least, is "Disney's Animal Kingdom" Theme Park. This allows you to explore five unforgettable lands from around the globe. Tigers, komodo dragons, lions, fruit bats ... even dinosaurs!! They are all here!

In addition to the Theme Parks, there are Disney's Water Parks, which are really very exciting and a lot of fun!!

It needs days to explore and enjoy all that Disney has to offer in Florida. Your children will be entranced by it all, even if you feel exhausted at the end!

Orlando also has other fantastic theme parks, apart from Disney, on offer.

Universal Studios, where you can truly feel you are part of great box-office hit movies, like Shrek, Back to the Future and Terminator 2, are extremely popular, as are the Universal Islands of Adventure, where you are taken through five uniquely -themed islands.

Then there is "Wet 'n Wild", Orlando's most exciting water park, offering a tremendous variety of multi-passenger water thrill rides that the whole family can enjoy. All kids really love this!!

Orlando's Sea World is out of this world! You can touch and feel dolphins as they swim within inches of you and also hand-feed large rays. It is an unique experience of marine wild-life, never to be forgotten.

There is even one world-famous theme park away from the Orlando area at Tampa Bay, on the Gulf of Mexico coast of Florida. This is the renowned Busch Gardens, which offers everything from thrilling rides to scenic animal habitats and highly acclaimed shows.

Another world-class day out!! In fact, two or three days would be better!!!

If all the action and excitement of the theme parks makes things a bit hectic, where better to slow down than in the Everglades National Park on the southern tip of Florida?

Here in this fantastic swamp-land, you can view alligators, and manatees (unique sea-cows) in their natural habitat, alongside pelicans and dozens of other colourful bird species.

When it comes to beaches, Florida is unbeatable! There are miles and miles of soft, mostly uncrowded, golden sands. From the panhandle in the north right around to Clearwater, St Petersburg, Sarasota, Siesta Key, Naples and finally, the Florida Keys, in the south, the Gulf Coast has fantastic beaches.

The Florida Keys are a wonderful, laid-back, very relaxing, chain of little islands off the south coast of Florida. Key West is a must!

Heading north up the Atlantic coast, there are more beautiful resorts.

Miami Beach, a few miles from the large, very Hispanic, city of Miami is a very sophisticated resort.

Then there is Hollywood (Florida, of course), Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. They make up the superb Gold Coast of Florida.

These areas are also very popular with the senior members of society. Thousands retire to Florida from all over America.

Further north, on the Atlantic side, is the Space Coast, so-called because it was from here, at Cape Canaveral, that the USA's space programme was launched for many years.It is still used, of course.

Seeing the huge rockets and various modules used during the space race is a fascinating experience.

A day out here is highly educational and really fires the imagination of the more technically-minded. Boys love it!!!

Florida has everything for the holiday-maker, including glorious weather!

No wonder it is the USA's most popular vacation state.

It is a particularly favoured destination to escape the severe winters further north in this vast country!!