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The island is so large, it is being developed in several phases

The first one is the creation of Deira Island. This portion of the Palm will sit alongside the Deira Corniche between the entrance to Dubai Creek and Al Hamriya Port.

Deira Island will act as "the gateway to The Palm Deira" and help to revitalize the old town area of Deira above Dubai Creek.

Being that the fascinating Dubai Gold Souk is located nearby, in Deira, it is already a very popular, highly atmospheric must-see destination for visitors to Dubai.

The windows of the 200 plus shops in the historic Gold Souk are absolutely dazzling with their ornate gold jewellery [or jewelry to our American friends!].

Around the corner is the Dubai Spice Souk, with its highly aromatic odours of frankincense and myrrh to accompany the gold!! [We feel sure that many wise men will want to take gold,frankincense and myrrh home as gifts for their wives!!!]

These historic old souks are wonderful places to browse around. Their timeless charm contrasts greatly with the highly modernistic developments of Dubai.

Deira Island is, in reality, more than one island, since there are several channels with interlinking bridges connecting smaller islands.

Closest to the shore is Deira Island Front. This is alongside Deira Island Mamzar just offshore near to Port Al Hamriya.

Off-shore of that is Deira Island Central and beyond the latter are Deira Island North and Deira Island South.

In between these two is Deira Island Trunk, forming the trunk of the palm tree. Outside that, jutting into the Gulf, are the 18 Palm Fronds .

Surrounding Palm Fronds is the protective, curved breakwater, consisting of Palm Crescent on the two sides with Palm Crown at the apex. The whole complex is interlinked by many bridges.

This is a huge project by Nakheel ,which is now well on its way. The speed of development is absolutely amazing.

Highly skilled engineers, surveyors and architects from all over the world are working in Dubai to get the myriad mind-boggling, ground-breaking ........and ground-creating..... mega-projects, built on schedule.

Lucrative profits from the global sales of oil and gas are being used to convert the wonderful dreams and visions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum into iconic, architectural reality.