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Hydropolis is basically divided into three sections

[a] The land station, where guests will be received and welcomed into the resort.
[b] The connecting tunnel, through which people will be transported by train into the main area of the hotel, which is underwater;
[c] The 220 hotel suites within the submarine leisure complex.

Hydropolis will cover an absolutely massive area of 260 hectares in all, about the size of London's Hyde Park, and will cost an estimated £300 million. It is self-acclaimed to be a 10-star hotel.

The hotel, along with other sister projects, is being developed by Crescent Hydropolis Holdings LLC, a firm especially created for its development.

The idea was initially envisaged and planned by Mr Joachim Hauser, but the designer of the Hydropolis-Project in Dubai was Prof. Roland Dieterle.

The Hydropolis Hotel will incorporate a host of innovations that will take it far beyond the original blueprint for an underwater hotel complex . It is far more sophisticated and ingenious than anything Jules Verne dreamt up......although the depth of water in Hydropolis is a great deal less!!

There are only a few locations in the world where such a grandiose dream could be realised.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both in the United Arab Emirates, are foremost amongst amongst global locations, in backing innovative projects.

Obviously, with their great oil wealth, they are also amongst the few who can afford such schemes.

The shallow sheltered waters of the Arabian Gulf, with a sandy sea-floor are other factors which make such a project possible. As is a lack of seismic activity in the vicinity!

As we have said, the land on which Hydropolis is being built belongs to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. It was his last free beach property on this stretch of coast.

The project is a fantastic one, yet Sheikh Mohammed's success record with comparable schemes instils confidence that science fiction can become fact.

With his support, several companies have been formed to kick-start this phenomenal project, and around 150 firms are currently involved.

In order to enter the surreal space underwater, visitors will begin at the land station. This 120m woven, semicircular cylinder will arch over a multi-storey building, like the crest of a wave.

On the lowest level passengers board a noiseless train propelled by fully automated cable along a modular, self-supporting steel guideway to Hydropolis offshore. This is a journey through a tunnel, 1700 feet long, on land and under the sea.

A just-in-time and on-demand logistical system will facilitate efficient supply of goods to the hotel.

The upper storeys of the land station house a variety of facilities, including a cosmetic surgical clinic, a marine biological research laboratory and conference facilities. On the lower levels are the staff rooms, goods storage and loading areas, and hotel and parking areas.

The land station also includes a restaurant and high-tech cinema screening the evolution of life in the ocean and the history of underwater architecture.

As a finale, the screen will open to reveal the real-life Hydropolis.

A viewing platform at the front opening of the spanning roof will allow views of the architecture as well as the light shows of Hydropolis.

Joachim Hauser has incorporated many different elements associated with the sea.

The cosmetics will be ocean-based, the cinemas will screen films that focus on aquatic themes and a children's seaworld will educate as well as entertain.

He views his creation as a place where those who do not dive - or do not even swim - can experience the tranquillity and inspiration of the underwater world. "We are expecting around 3,000 visitors per day in addition to the hotel guests. The aim is to inspire people to develop a new awareness of the sea."

As well as emphasising the positive aspects of water, Hauser also believes we are systematically destroying marine life, and thus wishes to draw attention to various dangers and problems, such as the loss of algae and the destruction of the coral reefs.

Hydropolis will cost a projected 550 million Euros.

With official blessing, the Dubai Development & Investment Authority (DDIA) established a framework to handle grants and authorisations.

Once the financial backing was guaranteed, the sonar analysis of the seabed complete and 7,000 anchors in place, construction began in summer 2005.

"We are sure that this hotel will set a precedent," says Hauser.

"Crescent-Hydropolis is now planning a chain of underwater hotels, and nine countries have shown interest. Some projects will be the realisation of my initial deep-sea design."

Hauser has even chosen to make his permanent home in Dubai. "And that won't change after the project [is finished], regardless of where our next project will be. The infrastructure is exceptionally good here - and it seldom rains!"

Crescent Hydropolis Holdings LLC were the original intellectual property rights developer and are acting as the project developers, with SIBC Industrial Building Consultants as the global project managers.

The underwater Hydropolis Hotel itself is truly fantastic!

Mimicking natural forms, it is shaped like a collection of bubbles and curves designed to provide maximum resistance against the everyday pressures of the sea water as well as the occasional typhoon that may stray into this area. It has already been compared to both a sea turtle and jellyfish.

It features a pair of observation domes which allow an expansive view of the water and the creatures that live in it. They are large enough to emerge above the waves, and one is planned with a retractable roof allowing people to be surrounded by the waters of the Gulf whilst looking directly into the blue sky.

Hydropolis yet another wonderful, iconic land-mark project for Dubai!! What makes it very different and extra special is that much of it is below the water-mark!!