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The palace is in a prime location

The Emirates Palace Hotel, is located on 1.3 km of private white sandy beach and surrounded by 85 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens.

It is only 30 min drive from Abu Dhabi airport and 1.5 hours drive from Dubai airport.

While the staggering size of the Emirates Palace is impressive, the lavish interior is absolutely breathtaking, with gold ,marble and crystal throughout.

It is owned by the Abu Dhabi Government and operated by Kempinski Hotels, and was built over three years by the same architects responsible for Claridges in London.

While the Burj al Arab in Dubai classifies itself with a "7 star" rating, the Emirates Palace classifies itself as just that......a palace...with the opulent furnishings of a royal palace, regal service and a palatial experience like no other.

Before entering the Emirates Palace, you will be impressed by a majestic pink Triumphant Arch gate with a dome on top and a long and very grand driveway. The gate is usually closed and only opened for Royalty and dignitaries on some special occasions.

The exterior of the palace, incorporating traditional Arab elements, is painted to reflect the variations in colour of the Arabian sands. It is beautifully enhanced by its landscaped gardens and spectacular fountains.

The opulence of the lobby's gold interior is absolutely dazzling. Until Emirates Palace was built, Abu Dhabi, or Abu Zaby, was a modest city. This is the first time its wealth has been displayed in such an ostentatious fashion.

There are 14 domes here. The most stunning is the Grand Atrium dome, decorated with silver and gold glass mosaic tiles and a gold finial at its apex.

The Emirates Palace has 302 plush rooms and 92 sumptuously decorated Khaleej and Palace Suites.

On the fifth floor are the high-security Presidential Suites and on the eighth are suites especially designed for the Gulf Rulers. The Saudi Suite even has its own barbershop.

The Emirates Palace has 1002 Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers throughout. They're used like light bulbs, and sparkle everywhere.

There are 800 trees within the hotel!

The date palm, a national icon, is everywhere. Some of the palm trees, petrified to preserve their natural beauty, look real and are very impressive.

The white sand of the 1.3 Km [1 mile] long beach, was imported from Algeria. A popular beach for swimming and cricket before the hotel was built, it was felt that the sand was not soft enough for royal feet.

Emirates Palace has given Abu Dhabi its first theatre, the largest in the U.A.E, with programmes such as Russian ballet, Arabic orchestras and musical shows.

The most impressive of the many plush public places is the majilis or "meeting area ". It has a blue ceiling with frescoes and a magnificent mural of Arab stallions.

There are 170 chefs at the Emirates Palace to keep customers sated. There is also no need to book or pay an entrance fee here, you can simply turn up and admire the fantastic structure.

For a coffee or afternoon tea, call into Al Majilis coffee lounge or the Viennese style cafe. For a full meal, try Mezzaluna or Sayed.

Emirates Palace is situated on a million square metres, or 10 million square feet, of land.

It is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!