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The mix of visitors to Dubai in 2006 was roughly 40 per cent business travellers and 60 per cent leisure travellers.

But the ratio of leisure travellers is set to increase as Dubai strives to reach its target of 15 million visitors per year, by 2010.

According to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing [DTCM], in the nine months of 2007 up until September 30th 2007, guest numbers rose 7per cent compared to the same period in 2006.

They reached 5.1million for the nine months. Meanwhile, hotel occupancy rates rose 4.1per cent to reach 86.9 per cent.

These are very healthy figures, showing a terrific on-going improvement in tourism to Dubai.

The development of high-end tourist amenities and visitor attractions, in conjunction with an aggressive overseas marketing campaign, means that Dubai is rapidly increasing in popularity as a holiday destination.

The city is also attracting a lot of business in the lucrative MICE [meetings, incentives,conferences and exhibitions market]. The Dubai World Trade Centre, with its massive Exhibition Halls alongside is a fantastic facility for business conferences, right next to the luxury hotels of Sheikh Zayed Road. It is all very compact!

Outstanding world-class engineering projects, such as Palm Jumeirah; Palm Jebel Ali; Palm Deira; Dubai Marina; Burj Dubai Tower; Al Burj Tower and The World islands are also attracting tens of thousands of extra tourists to Dubai and creating tremendous global interest in the emirate.

These amazing projects are receiving massive publicity on TV channels around the world. It is all good, free publicity!

Dubai is also becoming a favourite stop-over, for a few days, for people on long-distance flights to Hong Kong, New Zealand or Australia. There is a huge market here, since Dubai is about 8 hours flight-time from Western Europe.

It is seen as a safe, clean, efficient destination to break up long haul flights, just as Singapore was in the past.

With plenty of beautiful, relaxing , luxurious 5 star hotels and a warm climate, more and more travellers are choosing Dubai as a stop-over on long tedious journeys. The shopping might be attracting the ladies in SOME measure too!!!??


We  are grateful to Dubai Tourism for the following Press  Release regarding  visitor statistics to Dubai,  United Arab Emirates [UAE]  in 2010.  As you can see  , tourism revenues grew in 2010 to an impressive  13.27 billion Dirhams.

Dubai's  fantastic  high class hotels .......many of them luxurious 5 star establishments , of course..........with the stupendous Burj al Arab  the only 7 star hotel in the world.... .. hosted 8,684,387  guests in 2010 , compared to 7,845,819 in 2009.

A significant improvement  is that 390,255 cruise tourists stayed in Dubai in 2010, compared to  262,740 in 2009. This is a rapidly growing market, and one for which Dubai is particularly well-equipped  with its superb Cruise Terminal.  Cruises  around the various countries of tha Arabian Gulf, and on to India and the Far East  , are becoming increasingly popular.  Dubai is also a popular port-of-call  for cruise liners heading west for the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea.

Anyway, the best way of providing you with the full information, accurately and in its entirety, is by reproducing  Dubai Tourism's official Press Release  for its 2010 tourism statistics. It makes impressive reading!

Thank-you, once more, to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.


DTCM distributes 40,000 booklets on ‘Enjoy more in Dubai’ initiative for hotel and tourist sectors

July 08th 2012.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, in a bid to boom tourism and attract more tourists to the emirate this summer, has launched a 107-day initiative themed ‘Dubai, my destination this summer’.

The ‘Enjoy more in Dubai’ drive, running from June 15 to September 30 is aimed to boost up external tourism, promote the main recreational activities in Dubai during the summer months, attract more tourists from all Gulf, Arab and foreign countries, and provide large discounts on hotel rates, restaurants and entertainment venues.

According to a senior official, the initiative, along with other planned activities in this month, will increase the capacity of the hotels and furnished apartments here during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Iyad Abdel-Rahman, Executive Director of Media Relations and Business Development at the Department, said the project, launched on May20, sees the participation of 77 hotels, resorts and furnished apartments which provide their customers with large discounts on recreation and leisure activities.

“The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai has printed 40,000 copies of two complimentary voucher booklets which include discounts ranging between 10 and 50 per cent in more than 80 shops and restaurants.”

The high quality booklets contain all the valuable information and facts much tourists need to best enjoy their visit to Dubai, have more fun, and above and beyond to promote the emirate as due.

“The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, in collaboration with the Emirates Airlines, is offering large discounts to Dubai visitors during the 75 days left,” he added.

All the tourists and their family members disregard their country of origin will enjoy a 50 per cent discount on the air tickets of two children under the age of 12 on the Emirates Airlines. “The two toddlers and their families will also enjoy a free accommodation and good discounts on family hotel rooms.”

With an expected 30 per cent increase in the number of tourists, the move is all set to give them a chance to do more in Dubai during the summer 2012, and give them discounts up to 20–30 per cent on restaurants and hotels, and up to 20 per cent in spas and resorts.


Dubai’s hotel establishments serve 8,684,387 million tourists in 2010

Feb 28th  2011.

Occupancy remained flat at 70% while revenues grew to Dh13.27 billion

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Government of Dubai, has announced that that the emirate’s hotel establishments hosted 8,684,387 guests in 2010, an increase over 7,845,819 in 2009.

This includes including 390,255 cruise tourists in 2010, compared to 262,740 cruise passengers.

Among these, 6,561,999 guests stayed in the emirate’s hotels last year, compared to 6,105,813 in 2009, while the number of guests in hotel apartments grew 17.25 per cent to 1,732,133 last year, compared to 1,477,266 in 2009.

Guestnights, that reflects the average length of stay, across all types of properties increased by 17 per cent to 26,626,679 last year, up from 22,846,778 million in 2009. This reflects an average of about three nights stay per guest.

This includes 19 million guestnights recorded by hotels last year, up from 16.69 million in 2009, while hotel apartments recorded 7.59 million guestnights in 2010, compared to 6.14 million in 2009.

Capacity increase
The emirate’s hotel capacity has also witnessed growth last year. The number of hotels and hotel apartments increased to 573 last year, compared to 540 in 2009. About 30 new hotels opened in Dubai last year, raising the number of hotels to 382 by the end of 2010, up from 352 by the end of 2009. In contrast, Dubai added only three hotel apartments to its inventory of 188 in 2009 to 191 in 2010.

The total room capacity witnessed growth to 70,955 rooms and hotel apartments at the end of last year, compared to 61,487 in 2009.

The emirates added 7,696 rooms to its hotel inventory last year to reach 51,115, up from 43,419 in 2009. However, 1,772 hotel apartments were added to the capacity to 19,840 last year, up from 18,068 in 2009.

Tourism revenues reached Dh13,272,330,000 last year compared to Dh12,462,170,000 in 2009, DTCM statistics show. Due to the market conditions, hotel rates came under pressure.

The bulk of this, or Dh11.28 billion came from the hotels, compared to Dh10.566 billion recorded in 2009. Revenues from hotel apartments also grew marginally last year to Dh1.98 billion last year, up from Dh1.89 billion in 2009.

Although hotel occupancy rate remained flat at 70 per cent across 2010 and 2009, occupancy in hotel apartments have increased two per cent to 68 per cent last year up from 66 per cent, despite adding 9,468 rooms to the overall capacity last year.

Khalid Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Director-General of the DTCM, said, “This positive result despite the global economic situation in the last few years. There are continuous cooperation between the DTCM and its partners in the public and private sectors in marketing the emirate at new international markets.

“The DTCM invites every year hundreds of inward missions in the tourism sector and the media to promote and showcase new projects and update their information on tourism attractions of Dubai and DTCM initiatives.”

Top source markets
In 2010, the United Kingdom, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States became the top five source market for Dubai’s tourism industry.
As many as 719,889 British tourists stayed in Dubai’s hotels, followed by 638,103 from India, 526,598 from Iran, 519,001 from Saudi Arabia and 437,723 from the United States.

Tourism industry officials welcomed the positive outcome in Dubai’s tourism industry.

Abdeen Nasralla, Vice President of Meydan Hotels, the newly launched hospitality arm of Meydan City Corporation, said, “Dubai has already a prominent position in the global tourism map. The emirate can attract large pool of tourists due to its excellent tourism infrastructure. Dubai also blends old and new charm with so many new developments coming up.

“We have received good response from new markets such as South Africa, China and Russia where we have promoted Dubai and our properties. Although Meydan is a new hotel, it has received good response, so as Bab Al Shams.

“On certain occasions, Dubai’s hotels have witnessed 100 per cent occupancy and we expect this to go up this year.”

Ghassan Aridi CEO of Alpha Tours – one of the largest destination management companies (DMC), said, “Extensive marketing campaigns as well as close cooperation among DTCM and the private sector have helped Dubai to attract more tourists last year. The last three years, the market has witnessed correction with the emergence of budget airlines and budget hotels in the region that has helped balance the tourist mix. We expect 2011 to be better than 2010.

“Alpha Tours witnessed a 20 per cent growth in visitors, driven mostly by tourists from the GCC, China and the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) sectors. This year, we expect a 25 per cent growth.”

Peter Payet of Arabian Adventures, the DMC arm of Emirates Group, said, “It is a testament to the tireless work indeed, the dynamic vision of the DTCM, that Dubai continues to be the destination of choice for both leisure and business travelers. The DTCM has implemented a number of key initiatives over the past year, which have resulted in a sustained increase in the number of visitors during this time.

“We commend the DTCM team on their ceaseless efforts, and look forward to further success as the travel and tourism sector continuous to evolve and resonate with international travelers.”

Christophe Landais, Managing Director of Accor Middle East, said, “Dubai’s tourism and hospitality is experiencing positive growth in 2011. There is a healthy increase in the number of tourists and business travelers alike who are staying in our Accor hotels. Comparing 2010 performance with 2009, we observed a 23.43 per cent increase in rooms sold in 2010, and an 8.23 per cent increase in our revenue which signals recovery in the market.” He said, Accor operates 12 hotels in Dubai.

Dany Dagher, General Manager of Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, said: “DTCM has taken continuous efforts and initiatives driving demand and awareness for Dubai over the years. Their road shows and various programs like ‘Kids go free’ with Emirates Airlines and Hotels was a success in generating demand. In 2010 the total Dubai city occupancy as per STR Global shows a growth of 3.3% compared to previous year.
“They are proactively targeting new markets for this destination with the aim of driving visitors to the country, hence generating more demand for the market and initiating new businesses. Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort and Towers participated with DTCM in their exhibitions and initiatives in key destinations in 2009/2010 and we will continue to do in the future. We see a positive growth in occupancies for the hotel from key market feeders such as Europe, Central Asia and Asia Pacific. Our demand compared to same time last year is stronger by 13 per cent.

Russell Sheldon, Senior Vice President, Network Passenger Sales Development, Emirates Airline, “While tourist arrivals levelled-off in 2009, due mainly to the financial crisis, the latter half of 2010 and beginning of 2011 has seen strong growth, witnessed by a rise in travel to Dubai and hotels experiencing high occupancy rates.

“The rebound in tourism, which has contributed significantly to Dubai’s economic recovery, can be attributed to the initiatives taken by DTCM, Emirates Airline and the tourism industry as a whole. Emirates Airline enjoys a close working relationship with DTCM, along with other Dubai stakeholders, which has resulted in innovative joint marketing programmes, reaffirming Dubai as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations.


Global Destination Cities Index

Here is a very interesting recent report by Mastercard Worldwide, who have issued their second annual Global Destination Cities Index. 

U.A.E. Takes the Lead

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

According to this "Global Destination Cities Index" things are looking really bright for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dubai ranks eighth in the world in terms of inbound international visitors in 2012. With outstanding attractions like Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; Burj Al Arab, the world’s only “seven-star” hotel; Palm Jumeirah with its superb sea-front, palm-fringed villas and luxury hotels; Dubai Marina, with its beautiful luxury yachts and high-class apartments; Mall of the Emirates, Mall of Arabia and Dubai Mall with their outstanding bargain shopping; superb cruises through the Arabian Gulf; outstanding innovative high rise architecture of Sheikh Zayed  Road; timeless Dubai Creek with its combination of ancient and modern; Dubai Gold Souk with its dazzling displays of ornate gold and precious stones ... all in a crime-free, very safe city ....... and all surrounded by fantastic desert scenery .... is there any wonder that Dubai is quickly topping the list of destination hotspots?

Dubai also outranks very popular  tourism destinations such as New York City, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Beijing.

With 8.8 million international visitors expected in 2012, Dubai ranks one spot higher than its position in 2011. The iGlobal Destination Cities index forecasts that most visitors will hail from Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Kuwait City, and especially London, with 803,000 visitors expected from London in 2012. Interestingly, visitors from London are also the highest spenders in Dubai with an average of $1,495 spent per visit, compared to just below $900 by visitors from the other four top origin cities.

No doubt, our own web-site [this very site!] is making an outstanding contribution to the burgeoning number of tourists from London, being that '' is at the  the TOP when one enters the search term "Visit Dubai" into Google, especially into Google UK. Of course, being that parts this web-site are translated  into other languages, we also attract visitors from other parts of the world to Dubai, as well as to Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates.

Whilst on the subject, in other impressive news on the UAE, Abu Dhabi is now the fourth fastest growing destination city in the world, outranking emerging tourist attractions like Istanbul, Singapore, and Toronto. Abu Dhabi  is expected to see a 17.9% increase  in visitor numbers in 2012, a three-fold growth over New York City.

“The ease of doing business in the UAE as well as the country’s exciting offering of hotels, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing are some of the factors that are driving this influx of visitors,” says Raghu Malhotra, Division President, Middle East and North Africa at MasterCard Worldwide. “This is especially positive news for local businesses as it highlights strong opportunities for growth.”

So , it is good news all round for Dubai and Abu Dhabi's tourist economies. The hard-working officials of both these fine cities' tourism departments deserve a large pat on the back.

And there is more...

Here are some further very recent important Press Releases  from Dubai's excellent, very informative Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. They are clearly extremely pro-active in promoting Dubai around the world. We wish them every success!

DTCM further promotes Dubai in Japan

June 12th 2012

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) intensified its drive to promote and market Dubai as a year-round tourism destination in Japan by conducting road shows in three large cities recently.

More than 300 tourism and travel trade professionals in addition to Japanese media representatives attended the workshop-format road shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya from May 22 to 25.Mr. Mohamed Al Muhairi, Head of Australiasia Region at DTCM’s Overseas Promotions and Inward Missions Department, led the Dubai delegation for the tourism promotion event.

The road show was co-sponsored by Emirates Airline and Jumeirah Group. The other co-participants were Arabian Adventures, Armani Hotel Dubai, Bin Majid Tours, Cox & Kings Tours, Orient Tours, Ritz-Carlton DIFC, Sharaf Tours, Travco Travel, Wings Tours Gulf and Kerzer International Management (Atlantis, The Palm, One & Only The Palm, Dubai and One & Only Royal Mirage).

DTCM operates a representative office in Japan and has been actively promoting Dubai as a tourism destination among the Japanese tourists. More than 350,000 Japanese tourists were hosted by Dubai during 2007-2011.

DTCM discuss tourism market trends and ways to DTCM discuss tourism market trends and ways to promote Dubai with industry stalwarts

Jun 09th 2012

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) organised a joint meeting of the Tourism and Hospital Liaison Group at the Meydan Hotel recently to discuss tourism market trends and challenges and explore further ways to promote and market Dubai in overseas markets. The meeting was chaired by DTCM Director General, Mr. Khalid A [...]

Tuning into Pharmaceutical Compliance and Regulations

Jun 06th 2012

The Dubai Convention Bureau, a division of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing; whose aim is to further develop and increase Dubai’s share of the international congress and special events markets, whilst maximizing the economic prospects of Dubai; organized yesterday the Pharma Code Seminar in collaboration with Astra Zeneca a global, innovation-driven, integrated biopharmaceutical [...]

Dubai Convention Bureau Recognizes Congress Ambassadors

Jun 02nd  2012

The Dubai Convention Bureau (DCB), the congress and events industry section of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) entrusted to attract global events to the Middle East’s most-popular business and tourism hub, hosted a recognition event for its Congress Ambassadors at the Shangri La Dubai hotel on May 28th. The Dubai Convention [...]

“Congress Ambassadors” Annual Recognition Event

May 28th 2012

The Dubai Convention Bureau (DCB) will host a recognition breakfast for their congress ambassadors that will take place in Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai on 28th of May 2012. The Dubai Convention Bureau works with government, non government agencies and individuals on a continual basis to bring international events to the city. This breakfast is to award [...]

DTCM launch ‘Do More in Dubai’ to boost tourism in summer

May 24th 2012

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has announced the launch of a new initiative, Do More in Dubai, designed to further boost the domestic and inbound tourism in the Arabian Gulf’s trading and tourism hub during the summer months. Mr. Eyad Ali Abdul Rahman, DTCM Executive Director of Business Development and Media [...]

“Congress Ambassadors” Annual Recognition Event

May 24th 2012

The Dubai Convention Bureau (DCB) will host a recognition breakfast for their congress ambassadors that will take place in Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai on 28th of May 2012. The Dubai Convention Bureau works with government, non government agencies and individuals on a continual basis to bring international events to the city. This breakfast is to award [...]


May 23rd 2012

Following the recent announcement that Berlin and Houston have become full members of the BestCities Global Alliance, all ten bureau leaders of the partner organisations have come together, for the first board meeting of the year, in Frankfurt at IMEX 2012. The ten convention bureaux executives from Berlin, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Melbourne, [...]

DTCM further taps Saudi market through RTF participation

May 22nd 2012

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) took another step to further consolidate Dubai tourism industry’s position in Saudi Arabia by the first-ever participation in the Riyadh Travel Fair (RTF) with 14 co-participants. Mr. Abdullah bin Suwaidan, DTCM Deputy Director of Overseas Promotions and Inward Missions, led the Dubai delegation to the 4th [...]

Voyager of the Seas makes maiden call to Dubai

May 16th 2012

Voyager of the Seas became the second largest cruise ship ever to come to the UAE when it arrived in Dubai on Tuesday, giving a big boost to Dubai’s solid standing as the cruise hub of the region. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), which develop, promote cruise tourism for Dubai and [...]

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