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The projected cost of Burj Dubai tower alone is $4.1 billion dollars.

One reason that Emaar is being a bit cagey about the exact final height, is that rival Dubai government company, Nakheel, have commenced the construction of an even taller building not far away in Dubai, called "Al Burj". ["Burj" is the Arabic word for "tower"].

So there is immense prestige and fierce competition involved. Emaar is trying to outdo Nakheel, and vice versa!

It is rumoured that Al Burj could end up a kilometre in height ;some say it could even be 1200 metres!!

These really are mind-boggling construction heights. It must be remembered that the world-famous, iconic, Empire State Building in New York City is a mere 1200 FEET in height.......not metres!! The Empire State is only about 370 metres tall, so Burj Dubai will be well over double on completion! That really puts the Dubai giants in perspective.

Burj Dubai, is located close to Sheikh Zayed Road, in the main business district of Dubai. It is not far from other important financial office buildings, such as the Dubai World Trade Centre, Jumeirah Towers and The Gate.

Burj Dubai will house the 175 room high class Armani Hotel, 144 luxury residential suites, 800 top quality apartments, 4 swimming pools and a ballroom. It will also have the world's highest observation deck. The high speed lifts will have double deckers, capable of carrying 21 people on each deck.

It will be part of a huge complex known as Downtown at Burj Dubai, which will include the world's largest shopping mall, 30,000 houses, 19 residential tower blocks and a 13 acre Dubai Lake.

The peak electricity demand for Burj Dubai is 36mVA, equivalent to 360,000 x 100 watt light bulbs all operating at the same time.

The water system will supply 250,000 gallons of water a day. The tower will need 10,000 tons of cooling water water per hour, equal to the capacity provided by 10,000 tons of melting ice in one day.

15 million gallons of supplemental water per year will be collected from the condensation of moisture from the humid air. This is equivalent to 20 Olympic swimming pools. This waste water will be used to irrigate the landscaped grounds around the tower.

The Burj Dubai, whose main contractor is the Samsung Corporation of South Korea, is being constructed in a helical shape with 26 terraces in total. A person 60 miles away will be able to see it from ground level !! It is truly phenomenal !