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Sheikh Zayed Road is named in honour of the far-sighted ruler and architect of the formation of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, who ruled Abu Dhabi from August 1966 until his death in November 2004.

It was Sheikh Zayed who inspired unprecedented unity, fashioning an economic powerhouse amongst the Arab sheikhdoms of the Arabian Gulf, to set up the United Arab Emirates. With the co-operation of the equally clear-sighted Sheikh Rashid of Dubai, especially, and the leaders of the other five Trucial States, along the coast, a federation was proclaimed in November 1971.

Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan became the United Arab Emirates' first president whilst Sheikh Rashid acted as the first Vice President and Prime Minister. The UAE therefore had good leadership from the very start.

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Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai runs almost parallel to the coast from near the World Trade Centre in Bur Dubai in the city centre, just south of Deira and Dubai Creek, through the middle of Dubai towards the upmarket tourism area of Jumeirah Beach, getting much closer to the coast as it reaches Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah, about fourteen miles away. It then continues south to Jebel Ali Village on the southern limits of the city.

The northern end of Sheikh Zayed Road is becoming known as "The Strip", because, just as in Las Vegas, this symbol of Dubai's meteoric development is flanked with the most innovative and contemporary of global architecture. Gleaming skyscrapers tower above the lines of traffic below.

Still being constructed at Interchange One, is Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building.... at least twice the height of the Empire State Building.......and Business Bay, Dubai's very own Manhattan of the future.

Flanking Sheikh Zayed Road, on both sides, for about 2 kilometres from the World Trade Centre, there are more than 25 skyscrapers over 100 metres in height. More are being built every day!!

Here are some of the tallest:-
The Emirates Office Tower, at 355 metres, or 1163 feet, in height and the Emirates Hotel Tower, which is 309 metres [1104 feet]; the 21st Century Tower [269m/883ft]; Chelsea Tower, with its 40 metre needle [269m/820ft]; The Tower [243 m/796 ft]; Khalid Al Attar Tower [260m/853 ft]; Shangri-La Hotel [196m/643ft]; Capricorn Tower [185m / 605ft]; Dusit Dubai [153m/502ft]; Saeed Tower 2 [155m/509ft] and the Fairmont Dubai [153metres/ 501ft]. These are just some of the biggest skyscrapers along "The Strip".

All of these mentioned here have been built since extraordinary rate of construction in one area!!

Dubai's World Trade Centre Building [D.W.T.C], which is 184 metres, or 604 feet in height, including its spire, is positively ancient compared to the young giants surrounding it..... because it was built in 1979!!

The D.W.T.C has attracted some of the world's biggest companies to set up local or regional headquarters in Dubai.

Behind this building is the World Trade Convention Centre, comprising nine inter-connected air-conditioned exhibition halls. Along with the superb accommodation, close at hand, in luxury 5-star hotels, it attracts businessmen from all over the
world to attend conferences and conventions in Dubai, to witness the world's greatest modern economic miracle.

Then, further along Sheikh Zayed Road is the Dubai International Financial Centre, near the Dusit Dubai Hotel. It is an onshore capital market designated as a financial free zone. With Burj Dubai and Business Bay being developed just down the road, Sheikh Zayed Road is obviously going to become one of the world's premier financial centres on a par with Wall Street and the City of London.This is why Dubai is also being referred to as the Hong Kong of the Middle East.

Geographically, Dubai is ideally located as an important global financial centre, due to its position in between Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore to the east, and London, Frankfurt and New York to the west. Therefore, it slots into an important time zone half way in between the Far Eastern financial centres and London.

Since international finance is a 24 hour business, Dubai will play a vital role in global finance in future. The foundations of this mega-financial powerhouse have been carefully laid by the visionary Sheikh Mohammed over recent decades. Those plans are rapidly reaching fruition. With its superb first-class facilities, both for work and leisure, and its lucrative tax-free philosophy, it is
obvious that many of the best financial brains in the world will be increasingly attracted to Dubai as a fantastic modern
work-place in the sun.

Finally, in 2009, a brand new Metro line system will open, with stations all along Sheikh Zayed Road. This metro line will link back to a station at Burjuman Centre [] in Bur Dubai and across Dubai Creek to Union Square in Deira.
There will also be a Metro system under other parts of the city. It will make travelling across Dubai so much easier for locals and visitors alike, especially since the population is growing at such a rapid rate and Dubai's popularity as a tourist venue is growing even faster.

Dubai, especially Sheikh Zayed Road , is developing at an extraordinary rate!!