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Inclusive car hire is by far the best way of seeing the large Sunshine State, which, at 58,560 square miles, is as big as England and Wales, combined

One advantage of driving in Florida, is that it is a flat, low-lying state, with no hills and winding roads to worry about!!

There is so much to see, that a car is absolutely essential. Think of the wonderful tourist locations:-

....... the list of places to visit goes on and on!

However, the area that every child in the world would love to visit is Orlando, inland of Cape Kennedy. This is where Walt Disney set out his world-renowned theme parks.

This is the land of Disney World and the Epcot Centre. It is also the location of Universal Studios and Sea World!!

You could spend weeks here, just visiting the world-renowned theme parks.

Florida really is a fantastic place for a memorable holiday........but a self-drive car is virtually essential. Americans do not use buses and public transport like we do in the UK and Europe.

The car really is king in the USA! Remember that Florida has 4000 miles of coast-line!!

A Flydrive holiday is the answer, so why not book now and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime?

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